Handmade Pinstriped Slouch Shirt

My lovely panda coworker, Lauren, wore this great shirt this other night that fit her like a glove. I loved the comfortable, minimalist look of it. I told her "That looks so easy to make!" and she looks at me, says "It's like a square!" It was like my brain stopped and I had to go home instantly to figure out a pattern so I can make my own.

The other night, doing laundry, I came across this simple square cut shirt I bought from Target a few weeks ago that I love. The fit of it is perfect for me. It's loose, comfortable, off the body, with larger arm holes (perfect for when I ride my bike or a long day outside!). The shape of it reminded me of Lauren's shirt. I took my Target shirt, laid it on top of some fabric, and simply cut around.

This is what I came up with! The fabric I used was thrifted. It feels sort of like a.... bed sheet. Really light, thin, but comfortable. It hangs perfectly! I added some simple scraps of leather for details and to make it more unique. Either way, it's one of a kind!

I apologize for the horrible pictures as of late. I've been using my iPhone WAY too much lately! I do have some real photos to share soon. Until then, iPhones have gotten the best of me, again.

What do you guys think?
I'm thinking about adding some simple shapes to Bird Trouble for the fall.



  1. I love the idea of making my own clothes - and knowing that they are made to fit me instead of some idea of what my size should be.

  2. That is adorable! And it looks really comfortable, yet dressier than a regular ol' tee shirt. Love it!