Handmade Dainty Dress - Cotton Pull Over

Tuesday afternoon, I took the same pattern from the square shirt to create a dress. Basically, from the end of the bottom of the armhole, I made a straight line with a ruler to an appropriate length of a dress. I like mine above the knee. I used one of my dresses in my closet as a reference. It's awesome how your clothes as home can be used as guidelines to create new clothes!

I finished it within a few hours so I could wear it to work. I'm pretty speedy when it comes to sewing since I've done it for so long. I always do this though, I cram a project in so tight but it always seems to work out in the end. Plus, when I'm working on one item, I like to enhance little details. This is the dainty little cotton dress that I finished last night! I love it! It's so comfortable and light. Perfect for summer and for layering up in the colder weather. Best thing: It's one of a kind! Made from a recycled breathable cotton. It's an easy pull-over-your-head dress with no closures. Fits from a small up to a large easily.

How can it fit from a variety of sizes?:
It's cut straight from the armholes making it roomy and a 'square' cut. The purpose of the belt loops helps you dress up and play around with different colored/textures belts to enhance your waist. **In the picture: I'm using a thrifted brown belt that fits my waist, but not my hips.**

There are leather straps accented on the sleeves to create a relaxed slouch look but hold some structure. There's a bunch of simple white stitching detail on the seams. I'd like to add more on the side seams tonight. I doubled stitched at the hem. I also added a leather hanging label with "BT" burnt into it.

last two photos were edited in instagram. follow me @birdtrouble if you're an instagram user!

I'm a little worker bee. What have you been working on lately? Anything you're super proud of?



  1. It is adorable! I love it. I've been working on baby proofing the house. My little one is getting into EVERYTHING.

  2. um, can you please make these and sell them in your shop?? the fabric is so amazing and i love love love the little leather detail. you're brilliant!!

  3. so, so pretty! i've been working on sewing up some dresses with my sister. it's been tons of fun! you've inspired me to work hard at incorporating lovely details ;)

  4. Love it! The fabric is so pretty and the leather accents are fantastic. I've been working on moving my crafting area from one room to another - you're making me want to finish it up and get sewing!

  5. soooooo purdy! wear this to my birthday party! i have to see it!!

  6. This is just the cutest!! I'm super impressed!!!! :)