Life Without Internet

I feel like I've been on a month break from blogging since we don't have internet yet. Yikes! James and I have a nice little coffee shop, The Knock Box, only a minute walk from us. They have the best blended Chai and a bunch of enjoyable snacks.

We went to Knock Box this past weekend so James could do some research for a friend, and we both enjoyed relaxing on their couch with the view of California Avenue. I read my book while he used my laptop, then I quickly uploaded pictures so I could edit them at home. It's funny, as much as I know I need internet, a part of me LOVES not having it. I feel more productive and I get more "me" time. I recently deleted my personal facebook, but kept Bird Trouble's facebook, so I could use that time doing something more lively. The truth of the matter is: It's pretty great, life without Facebook.

I'll be getting a provider this month and it'll make my life loads easier. A lot of my inspiration comes from other artists, and not having a lot of artist friends in Chicago (I wish I had more!), I need another resource. Seeing all of my blog friends and other aspiring artists from all over the internet makes my bones all happy and gets me in a creative mood. Thank you for being inspiring!

Other than that, I've been doing some random creating as of late. I had a random spur of wanting to make stencils and print my own fabric by hand... so I did. Just random shapes and animals right now... yes, animals. I'll show you those later in the week!

Do you have a favorite coffee shop near home? Do you feel you're more or less productive without internet?


  1. I agree....life without the internet can be weird but it does mean you get so much more done. I'm reducing the time I spend on it and trying to make more time for painting. Just shutting the lid on my laptop, getting off the sofa and heading towards my studio makes me feel like I am not wasting my time.

    Well done for deleting your personal Facebook.....very impressed.

  2. I'll be your artist friend when I move to Chicago. : )

    Definitely way more productive without internet!!