Artist Feature :: Leslie Oschmann

Leslie Oschmann for Swarm is an artist, a re inventor, a bag design, a furniture designer, and a manipulator. I found Leslie through Anthropologie and a curious me, after seeing one of her bags, I decided to google her and lurk around her website. It, of course, looks all cute and shabby. After reading up on her on decor8, I learn that she's a former visual director for Anthropologie.

She does it all! I really envy artists who try a bunch of different mediums. I'm actually trying to venture out to printing and painting on canvas at the moment, and learning something new is always a fun challenge. Honestly, if I can learn everything, I will. I'm not into books or history or biology, but anything crafty.. I'll want to master it. At least once.

Here's some photos of her work! :::

images from SFbaygirl, Decor8, Anthropologie.


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