Meow, little primitive kitten. This little folk art cat is made to order by Old War Primitives. I'm in love with the simplicity of his sandy coat and the nostalgic memories it gave me.

It was fall, and we were driving down roads that could possibly lead to no where. We saw a structure that looked like a home, a crumbling barn in the distance. We'd park the car far and ran down the side of the dusty road, jumped the rusted iron fence, and headed towards the barn with our bodies close together. The barn had wallpaper that was melting off, wood floors, wood walls that were warping. There was an attic with a little window, where I swear that little primitive cat should have been in the corner of the room.
I found a purse and a monthly-dated (not year dated) journal in a closet in that home. In the front cover of the journal, there was one sentence written in that book. It was from a woman that was seemed to be craving for simplicity. Whether or not she found peace, I know that her home and her journal gave me a wonderful memory of my whimsical, care-free, teenage angst years and a book to write in when I crave simplicity. I still write in that book to this day.

Happy memory-lane Caturday!


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