Lately :: Fall Brings Life Changes

This fall is bringing a ton of changes in my life. As much as I hate moving, relocating, and essentially 'starting over' again, I really do love the confidence boosts I get out of it. Nothing is best than knowing you've figured out how you're going to live, how you're going to change, how you're going to make yourself better, how you are awesome and how you deserve the truth, and finding a brand new spankin' hat! Dang, I got lucky.

I'm glad I've gone through what I have, because I think it makes me a stronger, more driven person, and only I know what's best for myself. Currently, I'm in temporary living. It's sort of like a vacation. I went to a pond yesterday and ran around through some bushes with the pup, then I blasted some AC/DC, and went to about 6-8 garage sales. I wouldn't want anything more!

Coming with relocating and starting over, next month, I'll be relocating to a neighborhood called Buena Park with two dudes, one of them being one of my best dude friends from high school. He does real cool illustration, sells some shirts at a shop, and is a future tattoo artist. I'm really excited to be in a new neighborhood in a totally different area! I've never been this close to Lake Michigan. I've never lived somewhere where I can walk to a beach, even if it will be cold and it is against a lake.
I can't wait to show you guys what it looks like after it's set up!

Here's some photos from lately:
Have you checked out all the new early fall bags I made? Catch them before they run out!

I actually enjoy my temporary work space. There are some blankets I found the other day that are going to be my next bag project. The vintage letterpress is for my coworker.

This is what Ty and I have been enjoying on our beautiful days off. :)


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