19 Days Of Polaroids / Day 1.

Hey ya'll! I've pretty much settled in the place, but this is only the first part of my moving situation. I found an apartment for November 1st, so another move will come before I get comfortable, and then you'll start hearing more of me! I've just been so busy with commuting to work, and trying to get some work done but also taking care of my hyper active dog. It's also killing me that I can't get so comfortable sewing here- so I'm going to FORCE myself to make some new items I've been non-stop thinking about. 
I think you'll be so excited when you see them, too!

So... here's the jist. I've also been putting the blog through some re-designing, re-organizing, re-everything-slowly-but-surely. So don't look at it until I tell you, haha. ANYWAY. I wanted to make a blog event to hold over a majority of my blog posts while I put the sewing machine peddle to the metal. Okay, I admit that was corny. I'll still make some small other posts here and there. It just might be all over the place. But so, I have some Navajo blankets I've been cutting up and I was really motivated today after seeing this clients bag, so this will help me sew, sew, and sew that idea out of my head.

19 Days of Polaroids 
blog event

 I'm going to show you some fun photos down memory lane. I have 19 pictures from when I was like 18-19 years old. I mean, it wasn't that long ago but I think some of them are so funny to look at, to think about, and I'm a super nostalgic person. Boy, do I miss my gray and pink Polaroid camera. I'll also let you know a little caption because it's nice to know the story behind the face. Or in this case, the picture.

I'd also like to invite you to do this, for however maybe days you can. No limit. It's just fun to look through someones Polaroid pictures. Let people invade your past. I think that's what's fun about blogging, is getting to know the blogger. Go ahead and copy the button and link it back to this post, or a post of yours.

 Starved Rock, IL. This was maybe... 2004?
Tilting ever so slightly. I felt like I was inside of a turtle shell.

TGIF! + xoxo,

grab a button if you're doing 19, or make your own!


  1. I love the new look! I also love 19 days of Polaroids. I have so many of them (and am super sad that I most likely will never have more...stupid expensive film!). I think I'm going to join this adventure on my blog, too. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!