Flashback :: Camping

The laughter of friends, the sound of music, camp fires, beers, climbing trees, eggs and sausage in the morning, sharing a one person tent with your girlfriend and your 80lb dog, considering a splash of water on your face as bathing. Last year during the summer, I went camping with a few of my friends that I've known since high school. We went to meet Man Diller at Le Aqua Na State Park. He's in the red shorts below. The state park was on his list as one of his pit stops on a long bike excursion he was on. 

I recently came across the roll of film I took there. It takes me months to get a roll of film developed. This might be me explaining my excuse of either being lazy, or actually thinking this... but instead of doing it in a rush, I enjoy waiting months (sometimes a year- but that's unintentional) to see how they came out. I used my dad's Canon, but I had no idea how to deal the settings. My friend Laurie, who has been carrying a camera around since I met her, gave me a good sweet and short explanation..and here I go. The first one of Laurie and Lexi was stuck to another, so I had to rip it apart, but I like it like that.

Of course camping does not mean leave the phone at home.. it's just, let your phone die.

In other news, I've been sort of on a "break" with sewing. I'm in the winter rut and have been moping around because of it. I handled my rut by leaving and going to visit Anna in Milwaukee, which was the perfect amount of a mini-vacation short way from home, and relieving to be with one of my best friends. I've been back all week, and finished two Navajo style blanket bags for the last collection, but I've been catching up with friends mostly. Sometimes you just need to shut the door, close the computer, step away for your sanity. Or you can do what I do...
Shut the door, leave behind the computer because the screens cracked anyway, grab Ty and get the heck out of Chicago, and do a lot of thrifting on your way out!

Until next time,


  1. haha those shorts in that water. Great.

  2. Oh man, these photos make me want to go camping again.