Now Avail. PRE.RELEASED South Western Navajo Blanket Bags


I've decided to pre-release two blanket bags from the LAST South Western [aka Navajo bags] Bag Collection! 
One is already on reserve, so there is only one from this collection. The bag that is available is the first bag in the photos and is available here. There is also another bag left from the second collection that can be purchased here.
There will be a total of 5 bags in the last collection. Two are being put into the shop pre-maturely merely because I'm anxious to show them, and I'm doing this with my outside full-time work schedule. Keep an eye out for the next three bags in the next week or two. If you'd like me to hold a bag, please email me at birdtroublefashion [@] yahoo .com

A little note from me:
Thank you everyone for really making these blanket bags successful, and a huge hit. I'm taken bag by how many comments and love through my blog, and even in real life, I've received. It's wild to think there are 8 of these bags all around the country, and even out of the country! Thank you for helping me with making my dreams come true... and for the support you'll give me in the future.

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