Style Envy :: Closet Visit

Closet Visit is making my heart skip a beat, making me anxious, making me want to buy more tools and craft gadgets, making me want to grow my hair super long, wishing I had bangs, making me want to go home and make a lace dress and comb my hair and possibly drink some hot tea under candle light. Here are some images that caught my eye, but you should head on over to Closet Visit to see for yourself.

Until next time,


  1. Dude, I KNOW. As soon as I find one style I like, an opposite one takes over....I can never choose. And also, I went to architectural artifacts today with Ruben. I think we might do the spring line lookbook there. F-ing sweeeeeet.

  2. ooh I haven't come across this before, love the idea - thanks for the tip ;) Jessie xo