Sunday in Pink

Today, I woke up with a slight feeling that I might be getting sick but proceeded with the plans that Nein and I had made. We went to Huck Finn's in Bridgeport to eat a donut and a breakfast meal. Nein let me borrow her camera (hence my lack of posts - my digital camera broke and I borrow friend's cameras until I can save up for a nice one), so I was able to take pictures of some bags that have been waiting for a proper and successful photo shoot. Not to mention, it was beautiful outside today (basically California winter weather in Chicago IN JANUARY) and I didn't realize that the brick work on my back deck is kind of nice to look at. 

So, now I plan on trying to decide if I should eat my leftover curry noodles, or if I should make a good home cooked meal. I'll then fill my water with more echinacea because I really, really do not want to get sick. 

Tomorrow I'm going to make a trip to the fabric warehouse again! I'm excited to do a little supply shopping.

Also, if you're curious about the last blanket bag collection, I've been trying to finish it but I've been lacking some essential materials. I'm 99% sure that I'm going to be going to Milwaukee this weekend to visit a friend, so realistically I probably wont finish it for 2 weeks. The color combination on these ones are amazing though, so the wait will be worth it. 
(The last photo shows one all the way to the left.)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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