I recently purchased a wood burning tool. I've used one before but never had one of my own. Man... I could use that tool for hours. I burned Bird Trouble leather tags the other night. This is a very tedious project for me knowing that I need to actually like my penmanship, so instead of obsessing over it, I tried to have an obvious lack of cohesive penmanship in these. Some of them are in cursive, some are in print, some are short, some are fat. Imperfections, I dig them.

I also came across some new envelopes for my packaging. They're cheaper than other ones I've found and feel super durable. I put them in a retro hamper next to my desk so I can be forced to look at them and think about packaging orders. I just cut them to size and sew the seam shut. I'll post pictures on how I do that later this week.

There are five squirrels making an appearance in the last photo. 
Can you find all of them?


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