Cross Body Satchel Peak - Jade and Blossom Collection

Yesterday was loaded with a bunch of work since I had the day off work from the salon. I managed to successfully sleep in until 10am. That´s compared to my normal 8am weekday wake-up call! I walked Ty to the post office after crawling out of bed. It was sort of humid outside, but it was beautiful, and it smelled great. I love the start of Chicago humidity creeping into spring, but before it´s too humid because then we´ll start complaining about it. I was starving by the time we were back at home. I made myself a bagel with cream cheese, granola, and topped with banana heated in syrup. I also heated up some frozen diced potatoes. I enjoyed my large cup of coffee and my meal on our back porch while listening in to my neighbors argue.

After realizing what time it was after I enjoyed my morning with no rush, I decided to go into the studio, turn on Bruce Springsteen, and work on the last bag design for Jade and Blossom:

I finished one bag out of the two bags in this design. It hardly took me long to make this if you cut out the time for designing. The actual construction and piecing together is a breeze, but the designing sometimes has too many : add-ons, rip-offs, that´s horribles, what about this insteads. The leather strap idea came while I was staring at all the pieces on my cutting table. The straps simply clips onto the metal hardware! I was originally going to give this a front pocket with the leather, but I´m so much happier with this design.

I will release more pictures of this bag in the next post. This is a tease. I have to prepare myself for tonight´s festivities with the rest of the salon front desk team... It´s going to be madness. Here´s where we´re am going. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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