Tote Bag - Jade and Blossom

Each Jade and Blossom bag features this dreamy pastel blue leather and I am in love with the touch of it! The leather comes from an antique store in Oklahoma (while traveling with my parents) that I found rummaging in the back under piles of sample leather. When I´m textile shopping at thrift stores or antique stores, I prefer to go only open minded and with no designs in mind until I have the textile in my hand. I saw these particular dreamy pastel blue leather squares and had to get them because of their larger sample sizes, giving me more for to work with.

Introducing Jade and Blossom's Tote Bag 

The tote bag is perfect to stow away your every day items. It's also the perfect size for a student's lighter day at school. The tote bag design features the dreamy pastel blue leather for the two centered strap handles and the front scalloped pocket. The straps are detailed with box-top stitching and embellished with silver cone studs at the edge. These bags close with a dusty blue zipper.

It´s not just the outside of the bag that is exciting. The inside is fully lined in a cheerful gold blossom cotton lining. An image of the lining can be viewed at this blog post. There are a few helpful pockets to organize your belongings. One being a cell phone or an ipod pocket, one bigger than those, and a larger pocket roughly the size of the scalloped leather pocket in the front.

Accessorize your straps with scarfs this summer! I have a fairly large orange plastic fruit punch bowl that I made into my ¨This is what I call a... scarf bowl¨. It´s not that impressive, but I should make it... Scarfs could be key on a summer day, and why not accessorize with your bag!

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