My grandparents house.

I went to my grandparents house on Mother's day after my family and I ate our Mexican brunch. I can't really remember the last time I was there but I think it was within the past year, or past year and a half. They live in Chicago also, but they are in a neighborhood on the south side that is kind of a hike to get to.

I spent a lot of my youth here. My grandma would watch me when my parents were busy. I would spend my days exploring corners of the basement, their sewing studio (I dont think I've ever shared this on this blog before, but I've got sewing in my blood!) hiding in the closet of their bedroom, and sticking my head in the laundry shoot after dropping something down it. Being the only child, I would say that I was preeeeetty good at keeping myself, and only myself, busy and very easily entertained.

I have some pictures of their sewing machine, table, and little work space that I want to share with you later in the week. When I went to explore on Mother's day, it looked like time has been standing still since the last time I went down there. It's funny because when I saw the sewing machine, I thought how little details looked oddly similar to little details in my studio.

Until I show you more the next time, I hope you enjoy your week!

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