Around Chicago : Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, IL

Hey guys! I had a few favorites from a batch of photos that I took when we went on a few adventures right outside of Chicago this past weekend. I'll be sharing them with you in the next few posts because summer in - and right outside! - Chicago is the best ever. I sold my car a few weeks ago so I could save a lot of dough and pay off some debt, so we took the train to all these places because it's so easy to get around Chicago and find fun cheap things to do by just using our public transportation.

We took the CTA Red Line toward Howard and took it all the way to the last stop. We then hopped on the free transfer to the Purple Line and took that to the very last stop of the line too, which eventually stops at Linden. The Linden stop is stationed in downtown Evanston, and in a super short walk, we ended up in Wilmette. We knew we wanted to walk toward Wilmette because they have their own beach that is supposed to be cleaner than the beaches in Chicago. While walking to the beach, we saw this huge building in the distance. Once we got closer, we stopped in amazement at the architecture of the Baha'i Temple.

The Baha'i Temple is open to visitor walk-ins and they also have a welcome center that tells you about the history. Since it is a place of worship, you're unable to take pictures from inside, but if you look closely at the pictures above, you'll see all the small detailed cut outs in the buildings. I'm a super curious person and I love details, so naturally, I love looking at architecture. I made it a point to go inside and enjoy what other people use to worship. 

Image yourself inside of the temple, looking up above, and looking through all those small detailed cuts straight to the blue sky. It's quiet. So quiet that your foot steps are a little alarming, and you tip toe to the nearest chair, while walking in aw at the wording and building's design. Instantly you feel calm, and a peaceful feeling after you sit down. You're able to hear the birds chirping from outside as you look up at the cut out pieces of the sky. 

I must say, it was wild and beautiful. I'd never seen anything like it! If you'd like to skip imagining what it looks like and take a peak for yourself, you can visit the Baha'i Temple website and check out their visual tour. Walking in the temple is free, but the train cost $2.25 and a little bit of your time to walk. 

Over all, a $2.25 adventure to see something new and to learn a little bit of history? Totally worth it.


  1. Can't wait to eventually explore Chicago myself.

  2. The transportation in Chicago is just one of the reasons why I love that city so much. Riding the CTA was just fun too! I love these photographs i'm always one of those people that love detailing and looking up at things above eye level, it's always amazing all the detailing you can see if your just look up a little.