Photoshoot :: SUMMER HIGH 2012

I am back to show you guys the rest of the photos from the photo shoot I had in my studio earlier this week. These photos of my bags are laid out for you in a story-like way where I tell you a little bit about where each bag's original design inspiration came from.

I took the photos myself with my self-timer (and I took a bunch before I weaned out the ones I didn't like.) My backdrop is vintage wallpaper just simply taped up on the middle of one of the walls, so I used pretty tape so that it wouldn't look out of place when not being photographed. I purchased the vintage wallpaper at Chicago's Vintage Bazaar last year when it was held at The Congress Theater. I hit the jackpot because it was only $10! This was the moment I was waiting for to cut up the roll and actually use it. I positioned a door to the right of the photos, which actually helped with the light and gave a little something to a simple blue backdrop. I actually found the door in alley way of my apartment! I knew I wanted to use it in a photoshoot, but was also waiting for the perfect time. The reserve side is amazing, but you'll have to wait until I show it to you in another post!

I'm really happy with how they turned out but most of all, I'm glad I tried something different with my photos. Normally I take pictures outside on my porch or in the neighborhood, but I've been having this vision with a sort-of matte backdrop for the longest time now, and the whole set up idea just hit me in the head the other day. So yes! I hope you enjoy them. If you look closely, you'll notice the texture on the wallpaper that I immediately fell in love with. I'm really just that child year old at heart who gets smacked in the hand for touching too many things.

The photos are linked to the bags in my Etsy shop if you were interested in a purchase, and I am currently piling them into the Bird Trouble Pinterest, so feel free to spread them around your style boards! There are more photos of a few single bags, some clutches, and pouches that will be posted shortly. I just didn't want to photo overload too much!


  1. that california dreamin' tote and the fringe satchel are my absolute favorites! all of these are just fabulous!
    xo TJ