Wears : Lavender 90's Dress

Just a simple casual outfit post for today! This weekend is a packed one because of a short weekend and Father's Day. Tomorrow, I'm heading toward my grandparent's house to hang out. I'm not sure what we're doing yet but it's always something pretty chill. We'll probably get some Mexican food and head to my grandparent's house to relax our bellies! 

I wore this outfit to work the other day. The dress is newly thrifted and I had to simply take off the shoulder pads to wear it, but the length was perfect. It's a little big on me so I paired it with a simple brown waist belt so it would hold me a little better. My sandals are from one of my favorite vintage shops in the city. They're really comfortable but you know what's funny... they're a little small on me! My back heel sliiiightly hangs over, but do I care? Nope.

Lavender floral 90's dress from the thrift store : $2.00
Braided rope and leather sandals from Shangri La Vintage. They're super 70's! : Can't remember the price, but I think $15 - $20!
Brown leather backpack from the thrift store : $8.00! A steal.



  1. So cute! I've gotta check out Shangri La Vintage sometime. I've heard great things, but I've never checked it out.

    Have fun this weekend!