Friday :: I'm In Love With...

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"You take what you take, you take all you can, to feel how I feel
well I'm who I want to be, we're not thinking
this is not thinking, this up on high with some not quite natural energy"

1)  Thunder Up from The Sounds. It's 80's, expressive and emotional, fiery post punk and I love it. Kinetic was one of my favorite songs. (
I'm been obsessed with Spotify because I've been able to stumble across albums like this.)
2) Fashion Photographer Oliviero Toscani's photographs for The Passion. (The expression of the model's face in the middle row, going down, is my favorite.)
3. Francoise Hardy, another woman on my list of "Women with style that I envy"
4. Novella Royale has one of my favorite curated tumblr, and this wild patterned one piece was on there. (They just combined their blog to their tumblr and I'm always finding inspiration there!)
5. Laura's Healing Art photographs for this post on The Bohemian Collective. 

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  1. Wow, all of these things are so incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth