Outfit post :: DIY & vintage.

I have a bit of a hoarding problem. I have numerous shirts from high school that I simply wont get rid of. This Riffs shirts is one of my favorites because of the loose fit, and simply just because it rules. I'd like to consider this shirt a favorite of mine and little DIY project I did when I was sixteen/seventeen. I created a stencil for the letters by cutting out of the shapes from a thin plastic paper, and used fabric paint to fill it in on a cheap cotton shirt. I bought all of my supplies from a Michaels Craft store. 

My vintage high waisted bell-bottoms were purchased at this little vintage shop here in Chicago called Shangri-La Vintage. They were only $23, which is awesome, but I'm assuming that because there's no tags with the brand, just the care instructions. They are ridiculously comfortable and airy, but that might be because they're a tad bit too big. Ha. Either way, they're one of my favorite jeans.

I added my favorite and only belt, and threw on my cheesy big headphones, and called it a day!

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Here are some stencils to look at for inspiration :

found here and here.

I also thought these DIY stencil lettered pillows were cool too!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo,


  1. Genius! I'll have to give this a try.
    And I love The Riffs! Great shirt ;)

    1. yeah giiiiiiirl! do it! i'd love to see what you make

  2. Great outfit, that 2nd photo is amazing!!

  3. You look SO good. I love this outfit and would wear it daily if it were my own! haha

    1. thank you coming from someone who seems to always look gewd!