New Photoshoot :: SUMMER HIGH 2012

"Take a look inside yourself. 
You're not really someone else.
 Still, I am the same old me."
The Rolling Stones - THINK

I've released some new photos in the listings of the Bird Trouble ETSY SHOP. I spent most of my day "off" taking photos and playing dress up while listening to The Rolling Stones. I had just finished my morning ice latte and was feeling good to get to work. So I took advantage of the time I had and the amazing sun coming through my windows, and finally gave myself a real good feelin' creative outlet, and I'm not going to lie, I danced a little. I then spent a few hours editing those photos using my 30 day trial for Photoshop CS3. I'm obsessed with CS3. I hope you like the photos. I will release them where they're nicely laid out for you in some upcoming blog posts this week.

Here's the link to our online shop. I'm excited to show you the rest!
xo, Alexz.


  1. isnt it the funnest thing to play dress up and listen to rad music, all for work? i love it! love the photos! and i use photoshop CS3 and love it too!!!

  2. I love listening to music while doing fun things. It makes anything so much better. Can't wait to see the rest!

    PS: love your hair color!!