Well, I had a bit of too much fun in this weekend. Let's see... here are a few things that I did : Saw Against Me! at the Congress Theater and I sang my guts out to Pints of Guinness, completely overslept like a complete jerk for work on Saturday, Jeanna was in town!, birthday BBQs, lots of puppies, a 4 month old American Bull dog, sleepovers with that 4 month of American bull dog, losing my apartment keys (guh), and grilling steak for cheesesteak subs.

There was just so much awesome stuff happening, and I spent time with people I haven't seen in a while, but now that it's over... I've honestly been feeling pretty crappy haha! Of course. I feel like coffee doesn't even make me feel better (woah). I'm anticipating getting in some Bird Trouble work, getting my head on straight, and get to sewin' to some oldies music so I could feel leveled and normal again.

I painted these chalk square and finished the last coat last week, and it's a great way for me to stay organized for the week! Plus it's nice to have it RIGHT in front of my face. I need to nail a little wooden ledge underneath it so I could place my chalk there, and I also think they need a border. Any suggestions?

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