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Novella Royale. Novella Royale. I love the way that sounds coming off the tongue. So much that I'm renaming today's post of Friday, I'm In Love and changing it to FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE WITH NR. Caps necessary.

I've been following the Novella Royale brand and blog ever since I came across their Instagram. I first saw a pair of their bellbottoms, but quickly was smitten by their bags and overall lifestyle (All for supporting other bag creators and I can totally talk up another bag designer! I'd do a couple or more dares for my very own NR bag). I've been meaning to share their name, and was reminded to after Laura added them onto one of the Bohemian Collective Pinterest boardsThis company is truly an inspiration to me as a one-woman show behind Bird Trouble. They are one of my personal style inspirations, as well as one of Bird Trouble's inspiration because I can see their drive and hard work. I'm just obsessed with those bellbottoms and am loving the fact that they're bags are also made out of recycled leather jackets. NR and I know what's up (nudge, nudge- right Mary Meyers?) when it comes to helping reduce waste.

Not only these reasons, but also because they just really make me want to move back to sunny California and make myself a pair of bellbottoms. I'll just stick to making the bellbottoms.

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