Fashion in the Streets Show.

Two Saturdays ago, Bird Trouble participated in an event called Fashion in the Streets. A few blocks in the West Loop were taken over by local Chicago designers, food vendors, and then an entire runway production for a few local designers. Talk about really awesome opportunity. I had a great time making the friendships that I did with the designers around me and Katie from Lady Faye Jewelry, who I shared a space for both of our displays, and gaining that experience to do a Chicago show like that. It felt pretty damn fancy.

Here are some pictures of my table and coat rack display. I used a metal clothing rack to secure my banner [I used twine], a blanket for my tablecloth, my vintage magician stacking box to store porches in, and a painted skull my mom gave me as a paper weight for my newsletter sign up. I put my flickr business cards on a plate and a little bit of text on an About Bird Trouble in a vintage wooden frame.

Here are some photos of the other designers around my table. There were only the ones in my surrounding. I missed a lot of designers and didn't take many photos so I'd be able to see if someone was ask my table. That, or I may have just been too hot in my polyester shorts to run around... ha.

Lady Faye Jewelry 


Shades of Grey

Lisa Spagnolo

Clair Vivier Bags & Jewelry

From the Fashion Show

I'll be slowly coming back from my short hiatus soon. I've had to deal with a few real life emotions and a lot of stress in a short period of time recently having to do with taking care of my dog Ty and a little bit of AMPUTATION on his cute tail whip. For some reason, I can't budge the want to blog during periods of those - but I'm working on teaching myself to get over that.

Talk soon!

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  1. I am so glad you are back. I have missed looking at the awesome tbuy work that you Gym fitness accessories