Textiles : Remind me to work with these.

Hello world! Today, I'm showing you a few textiles that I have in my studio. Some were found just recently, and some have been collecting dust [not literally. please, I keep my fabric fresh smelling!]. My favorite out of this bunch has to be the first one. It's a twin of the fabric that I found for the Free Bird bag collection. It was pretty shocking running into this at the thrift store because how can I find two similar, but different colors, fabrics at two different thrift stores? I think it might mean that I thrift too much- but at least it's part of my job. Ahh... the perks of owning your own business : Doin' what you wanna do.

I've been working on a lot of custom orders lately so, with that demand, I think it's a good idea to post what fabrics I have lying around here. I always grab the textiles that I think look really different, have a texture, or give me a vintage nostalgic feeling. If anyone is ever interested in speaking of an idea of your own custom bag, these textile posts are to help your imagination run. These would be your choice of already-owned textiles, but some custom orders may require a little bit of thrift hunting if I don't have it already.

From top to bottom, here are a few descriptions of the textiles above. 1) Free Bird Rosa; found cotton weaved fabric that came with raw edges, so I'm not sure what it's original purpose was. This reminds me of trips to Mexico as a child.
2) Madness; found polyester knit. Vintage retro! It's mad, which is why I called it Madness.
3) Plaid Penny; a found polyester knit with a plaid print. I'm crazy about this other vintage find. Any mod ladies out there?
4) Goldie Knit; once a knit blanket, this textile would make great slouchy bag designs. Reminds me of the 70's! Which makes it cool in my book.
5) Blonde Floral Affair;
a found great textile to pair with something tan/brown for the fall. It's more durable to the double and would be great for tote bags. Yep, I just might do that.

As always, I can be reached through email. I'll be back shortly to show you some recent photos from a little shoot I did by the lake. I also need to tell you what I've been up to! A lot of fun stuff, not so fun stuff, some really cool things, and new friends have been made... but I need to use the time I have out of the salon to create & sew. Less blogging for a while! Don't miss me too much.


  1. these are great, Love the top birdy one and the browny gold knit


    1. Thanks for stopping by Helen! I'm glad you like them.