From the Weekend : Chicago Renegade Handmade Bound

This weekend was Renegade Handmade in Chicago. I did not have a table for Bird Trouble, but I did spend the day in Wicker Park on Sunday to mingle and "window" shop. It was a hot day, but we're still cherishing those days over here before the cold comes through. Renegade was huge this year and it felt like it took forever to walk through. Especially if you're from Chicago and you run into someone you know that you stop and chat to every 1/4 of a block. I checked out a bunch of awesome vendors including some of my already favorites along with new favorites; Lady Faye Jewelry, Cities in Dust, Steff Bomb, Dolan Geiman, Sara Cramer, Boyfrengirlfren, Debbie Carlos, Modern Adornments. Don't worry, I plan on showing them off a little later in another post. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Beca and Doug from Tumbleweeds Handcraft this past weekend. It was my plan all day. James and I talked to Beca and Doug for a while about things that include : switch blades, smelly ear holes, skate parks, puppies, and only the coolest vans. They really are the most awesome, humble, genuine, and kind people I've met in awhile. I just wanna hang out with them all the time! Pout. For the next few hours after we parted ways, I think James and I only talked about how we want to make our dream van cool, moving to a little house in the middle of the woods, and making a bunch of things.

James gifted me with this necklace from Once Lost Jewelry {Columbus, OH} that he had secretly purchased as I stood only a few feet away. We didn't really give each other birthday gifts this year to save money and I'm totally okay with that, but he was sweet enough to buy this for me as a belated. We've been bug hunting lately and our dead bug collection is vastly growing. Mostly cicadas, moths, butterflies, and a dragonfly. We tried for spiders but they wrinkle up. Okay, anyway, the reason he bought this necklace for me is because there is a real butterfly wing inside of watch lens (yep, watch lens). The chain is 60 years old and there's a little monocole charm hanging down. I love it.

Beca and Doug were kind enough to give James a pair of sunglasses to trade for some Bird Trouble bags. He loves them. It's the first pair of sunglasses that I've seen him enjoy so much. I'm stoked on James owning something handcrafted from our new friends. I think he looks dang good in them and they're perfect for his black t-shirt and blue jean every day attire. Thanks Beca and Doug for making James look top-notch and for bringing smiles to our faces!

Did anyone else go to Renegade in Chicago, or in your city? Experiences? What did you buy?

Until next time, xo.


  1. I would have loved to have gone to Renegade, sounds awesome!! And you got to meet Beca & Doug (& they got to meet you!!) Haha jealous. I'd love that! My mister has the same shades as James does and wears them pretty much everyday. The necklace he bought you is lovely as well!

    1. One day you'll have to take a trip down to Chicago for a few days in the summer to check out Renegade and the city!! James left his sunglasses here the weekend he got them. The next time I saw him, he was like "uh... I think that I..." and then I whipped them out of my pocket to show them he just left them at my place. Nerd. Haha!