Greetings from your favorite creepy elephant.

Happy Halloween weekend my little bunnies. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend that involves a lot of candy and pumpkins. I have the tendency to break pumpkins, so keep those away from me and just give me tons of candy. Please and thank you. Tonight, I'm going to a co-workers themed party. James and I have to part ways tonight since I work early tomorrow morning. After work tomorrow, we're going to see some of his family in the outskirts of Chicago... more cornfields for this lady! I plan on being an elephant all weekend. No matter where I go. Gotta keep the spirits up. Halloween is the best!

Today, I share with you... myself, as the cutest little creepy elephant, and a little pumpkin that James carved for my porch after we devoured all of the seeds we picked from it. Viola!

xox, Alexz

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