Lately, in Instagram.

If you don't already, you should follow me on Instagram at BirdTrouble. You'll see a lot of bags in process, me hugging my dog, me getting my hair done at my work, Chicago photos, & currently, a lot of leaves. Can't get enough of them.

Here's a little picture story for you in Instagram photoso, from most recent to oldest. These are all about the dyed & bleached designs I've been working on. I'm not positive what I'll be calling this little collection, but I was thinking Jet Blanch. "To lose color" and Jet because of the color. What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes work. I'm working on a lot of projects recently, including custom orders and a photo shoot with my photographer friend. More information on that later! For now, I need to pass. out. Thank you for your patience in my posts. I know they can be scattered depending on my personal life, but I do appreciate the reads!


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