Self portraits & a new tattoo.

I had a lot of crazy dreams last night that triggered something in me to wake up & play photo shoot. I brushed on my makeup skills and did nothing to my hair, only sleeping on it slightly damp last night. I made the dress a few months ago and I'm really pleased to how it came out. You can't really see all the fun details in the photos, but there's leather shoulder trim, vintage buttons, and a cool seam in the front. I should wear it way more often than I do.

You can sort of see the new cicada tattoo on my shoulder in some of these. I'm so, so, so stoked to have another new tattoo artist in Chicago. Allie Fischer from Tattoo Candy has a really great traditional (a mixture of old & new) style with the cutest add-on of her own decorations. I swear each of her illustrations were meant for me.

I'm spending the rest of my evening finishing up a batch of wallets & then prepping my brain to go back to work at the salon tomorrow. I've had three days off in a row - not to mention the holiday week before hand - and I need to get my weekday-game-face on.



  1. Man oh man you are SO pretty girlfriend.

    Lets see real photos of the new tattoo, you can barely see it in that one!

  2. you are ridiculously beautiful. i want to eat you up! xo

  3. I absolutely love these & adore your bouse. Beauty.