Hello stranger!

Before you yell at me for not posting in over.... well, I don't even want to know how long it's been...
let me tell you something...

(but no, not forever and no, it hasn't been blown to pieces.)

Anyway, there's been a lot of things going on lately! Here's a short and sweet list:
  • Applied for an apartment to move in June 15th! I can't wait.
  • Helped my friend, Jesi, with dressing her models at her fashion show at the Griffin Lounge in Chicago.
  • A lot of nostalgic Midwest adventures.
  • A lot of antiquing and thrifting!!!
  • Getting my hair highlighted by my friend, Dome, in hopes of going lighter for the warm weather.
  • Gave up on that Master Cleanse. I did it for a day and it wasn't hard (I did feel good that day- really energetic and awake). Anthony did it for 4 days and on my 2nd day, we wanted an omelette. So, we ate an omelette, hahah. I'm going to try again with Anna when we move into our new place.
As for blogging, I'm hoping I can find time to post again tomorrow during the day and then one more time before the end of the week.

And then in the world of Bird Trouble. I'm going to be at the Wolf Flea Market this Sunday (May 23rd) at the Allstate Arena (formally known at the Rosemont theater), hanging out in the 88 degree weather with AJ and Anthony, and selling my stuff. AJ will be selling his paintings and Anthony will be selling some stuff... I'm not too sure. So if you're in Chicago, come and try to find "The A Team" in the giant crowd!

Now onto the fun stuff!
I went to my favorite antique store yesterday. VOLO ANTIQUE MALL! It's so amazing, huge, amazing, awesome, sweet, and huge. Antique dream land. Check out the website and visit it if you're in the Chicago-area... it's worth the drive!

Here are my finds:
[My friend Dan got me this because it didn't fit him. Favorite bracelet ever.]

[I think this necklace is just so unique and I love the color. Also, check out dem nailz.]

[Yes, that is a scale. Yes, I screamed when I saw it. Yes, it was a loud scream.]

[I need to fix their tails and touch up their noses but I couldn't resist.]

[THE BIGGEST AND HAPPIEST SQUIRREL I'VE EVER SEEN. Yes, I screamed louder when I saw this than when I saw the scale. Another cross-stitch and a reemer.]

[Vintage fabric, 2 thermos to add to the collection, a beautiful cross-stitch, and the squirrels.]

[More scarfs and The Car's Shake it Up vinyl.]

That was fun! Okay, tomorrow's post (hopefully it'll be posted) will be about mine and my friend Laurie's Midwest adventure from yesterday. Have a wonderful Thursday night!

Oh yeah, and to the new followers... HI & WELCOME!


  1. ohhh i just went antique shopping today, i love it! i wish we could go together, love that flowery platter you bought! =)

  2. dang it. i really wanted a high five :)
    what awesome stuff!! i need to figure out some cool places to hit up in houston...

  3. well thank you! i am a new follower so that last comment made me feel special :) i love your blog, its just so delightful and pretty! have fun on your Midwest adventures...there's nothing like them! i am originally from the Midwest and miss it often. I go to Chicago about once a year so next time i go i am defiantly hitting up that mall, you got some awesome finds, well done

  4. oooh AMAZING finds..... very jealous over here too. i love those scarfs and those scales - i screamed a little too!!

  5. Man you had a blast, so envious of the awesome finds!

  6. Fantastic finds! I'm leaving for IL today and will be there through the 11th. I need to shoot you an email. Hope you'll still be able to meet up with us at the end of the month!

  7. Great thrift store items! It sounds like you have a lot of fun things coming up. Congratulations on your upcoming move!

  8. Yay for no more school!!! :)
    I love the squirrels! I can't wait to see how you fix em up!
    And I really love that Home Sweet Home piece of wood! All awesome! :)
    I did miss your posting! Glad you're back!

  9. yay so glad school is out!! miss your posts A LOT :D i love love love your new header. you and bowie are too cute!! it sounds like you have a lot of new and exciting stuff going on...so awesome Alexz!!

    and I'm not even going to look at your finds...too jealous!!!! lol ;)

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  11. I love those cross-stitch pieces! Such awesome finds. I'm envious!

  12. i love the squirrels.. amazing finds
    check out my giveaway

  13. I NEED THAT SCALE! and I laughed out loud at that "biggest and happiest squirrel ever" picture! hahaha He loves his life.

  14. wow these are all amazing finds! i screamed loud on the inside when i saw that scale! want!